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    COVID19 Safe House Policy

    With the recent outbreak of Corona Virus globally, it is important for our business to be vigilant in protecting all existing and future guests from the possible spread of infection throughout our partner properties.

    Importantly during this time, Locay partner properties are unable to accept any arrivals for the purpose of a 14 day quarantine.

    Unfortunately many of our partner room categories do not allow for strict quarantine allowances (communal facilities and spaces) and therefore we have enforced these booking restrictions to practice stringent risk management for all guests and staff.

    All guests bookings are reconfirmed by our team 24 hours prior to checkin and asked to confirm their arrival details, along with relevant information to their travel and health history. Locay and its’ partner properties reserve the right to refuse any reservation who is unable to or not willing to provide such information to our team. Further to this, guests who may be considered a high risk may be asked to re-arrange their travel schedule all be it a 14 quarantine measure should be implemented.

    Rest assured, our entire team and partner properties continue to have strict housekeeping guidelines enforcing the safety and sanitisation for all our guests.

    Whilst our team and management are doing our upmost to ensure all Locay Guest Houses remain a protected and safe place for all to enjoy, we too wanted to provide you with an update on the precautionary measures we have encouraged all Locay partner properties to embody in their day to day operations to protect our guests, staff and wider community.

    • Commercially graded cleaning apparatus and chemicals are in use through all guest rooms and bathrooms.
    • Communal spaces have been allocated guest limits to ensure social distancing measures may be practiced at all times during your stay.
    • Daily sanitisation is being practiced of all communal spaces.
    • Daily Housekeeping requirements within guest rooms is being kept to a minimum, to limit the potential risk of contamination between rooms during a guest stay.
    • Hand Sanitising stations have been installed in all communal spaces and are available for guest use.
    • Face Masks and gloves are made available at no charge to all Locay guests in house from all Guest Service teams.

    Any further specialty requests relating to COVID19 policies and procedures can be made daily with Locay Partners and their Guest Service team; whom are most accommodating to arrange anything you need to ensure your stay is comfortable and safe.

    At this time we would like to proactively inform all new guests arriving how they can avoid further contamination.

    It is critical that prior to arrival you advise your Locay Partner property if you are arriving internationally/ interstate and planning to stay with us. 

    We have strict policies in place to manage this, and in some circumstances may need to find an alternative arrangement for your stay.

    Guests who have travelled from a country or region that is at high or moderate risk for COVID-19 should monitor their health closely.

    It is recommended you seek an appointment with a GP if this is relevant to your situation as a clearance certificate may be requested prior to your arrival.

    Go to www.health.gov.au/covid19-travellers  for a list at-risk countries.

    If you develop symptoms including a fever and cough you should isolate yourself immediately and urgently seek medical attention. This information must immediately be disclosed to Guest Service team members on at your property, and form the terms of your occupancy in booking with Locay and our partners.

    For the safety and health of our staff and the whole community, we are also asking all our guests to practice good general hygiene and if feeling unwell, to remain at home.

    Locay and its’ partner properties reserve the right to refuse access to our property by any guest whom is showing obvious health symptoms that could pose as a threat to both staff and in house guests.

    In such cases management may request a clearance certificate from a local GP prior to check-in. If this is of difficulty in providing, a full refund for the night will be issued, voiding any cancellation charges.

    Whilst we endeavour to keep our doors open to all new guests we too must assure the safety of those already enjoying their time with us.

    All guests whilst within any Locay Partner Property are asked to;

    • Practise good sneeze/ cough hygiene.
    • Practise good hand hygiene.
    • Shower and wash hands with HOT WATER, making use of soaps and sanitisers throughout our property.

    In addition, we have reinforced with our staff and partner properties the importance of monitoring their own health and if they feel unwell or are showing signs of illness, they are to remain at home in self isolation.

    As a team we are very aware of the current situation and are taking full responsibility to ensure you have a safe and memorable stay with all of our Locay partners.

    Rest assured we are here to help, and here to support you during your Locay reservation.

    For further information on our ‘COVID Safe House Policy’ please feel free to make contact with management on go@locay.com